Friday, December 21, 2012

The new top is definitely a winner. A picture of the frogged lace top is below: I don't know that the photo has captured the full splendor of lots of purple holes moving in close formation...
Wendy Lace Cotton Top
These are pictures of the back of the Boat Neck top. The pattern is coming up very nicely and is very quick to get the hang of - after a couple of repeats, I had it off by heart. Plus it is quick to knit - this is the finished back! It even looks good from the wrong side! Hoping to have this ready to wear at Xmas...
Boat Neck Top - right side

Boat Neck Top - wrong side

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wendy's Cotton - the sequel

Well, the lace top pattern has turned out to be a bust. All I can say is, it was lacy. It was definitely lacy. Very lacy. And quite purple. Maybe excessively purple. And excessively lacy.

So I frogged it.

Wendy Supreme Chunky Cotton 5661
This is my plan B. I hope that I'm going to look off-beat and alternative, instead of resembling an armoured dinosaur...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wendy's new cotton

Setting up two new websites in 12 months is bad.
  • It stops me knitting.
  • That means I have nothing to blog about.
Luckily the latest incarnation of the CCCK website is up and running (I still need to do some work on the image galleries, but that is on track), and I now have time to look at new stock. And knit. And blog.

Our latest new item is Wendy's Supreme Chunky Cotton.
Supreme Chunky Cotton (l-r): Navy, Blue, Wheat, Grape
 Click here to buy Wendy Supreme Chunky Cotton.
It's a thick cotton with a rope-like texture in 100g balls. It was quite soft and pleasant to handle, and I thought it could be an interesting addition to our range (for it's own sake and as a possible sub for Rowan's Cotton Rope).
In the end, I decided to try the four colours above and three of the patterns.
Our supplier provides an allowance for us to make up demo garments, so I used that allowance to buy extra stock in Grape (far right) and a pattern.
Pattern 5659: Cardigan and Lace Top

I started knitting the other day. So far, it's looking pretty good: the yarn knits up quickly, is pleasant to work with (no splitting or other nastiness) and the rib is nice and stretchy. Often I find cotton a bit tight and unforgiving to knit with, but so far that is not proving to be an issue. About half way with the ribbed band - I'll put up another post next week to let you know how I'm going!
My take on the lace top!